1st March 2024

Open days for 2024 announced!

The mill will be open from 2pm - 5pm on the following dates in 2024:

  • Sunday 10th March (Mother's Day)
  • Monday 1st April (Bank Holiday Easter Monday)
  • Sunday 21st April
  • Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May (National Mills Weekend)
  • Sunday 9th June
  • Sunday 14th July
  • Sunday 11th August
  • Sunday 25th August
  • Sunday 15th September
  • Sunday 13th October

26th January 2024

Restoration Notes Jan 2024

With the restoration of the mill largely complete, we are moving on to mostly maintenance. The main work completed in 2023 was the repainting on the body of the mill. Our chairman, Geoff Daughtrey, managed to obtain the loan of a cherry picker, but it had to be removed after each day’s work due to restrictions imposed by the owner of the ground surrounding the mill. Manoeuvring it in and out made the job twice as hard. The weatherboard was originally painted in 2015, and it is a tribute to the thorough job done by our volunteers that no rot was found at all. Lead based paint really works!

Another major step forward was the installation of the new carriage wheels on the fantail (see picture). These were specially commissioned from local wheelwright and are a brilliant example of heritage skills that are still available. The drive system had to be carefully aligned and adjusted once the wheels were mounted, but unfortunately, when tested, the mounting bracket on one side failed to keep the worm gear engaged, due to the high shear forces generated. As only one wheel was therefore driving, the pegged joint of the frame on that side came apart. Further reinforcement of the fittings and frame will therefore be needed but we are confident that the fantail will be fully functional this year. Unfortunately, there is still a big hedge growing in the turning circle and we cannot get permission to remove it or turn the mill yet.

Another task for the coming year is to repair the roundhouse roof. This was rebuilt during a previous phase of restoration using tapered oak planks. Unfortunately these have swollen and twisted causing numerous leaks. A new ring beam will be used to reinforce and correct it. The oak also does not like bitumen sealant and shrugs it off.

14th July 2023

David Manners has produced a magnificent 1:25 replica scale model of Argos Hill Windmill which is going to be put on display within the mill. David has written a booklet entitled "Argos Hill Windmill: Creating a scale model" which is available to view here.

Scale model of Argos Hill windmill

Scale model of Argos Hill windmill
29th June 2023

A 72-page booklet on the mill, written by Martin Bates and entitled "Argos Hill Windmill: How She Worked", is now available to download free-of-charge here.

8th February 2023

Open days for 2023 announced!

The mill will be open from 2pm - 5pm on the following dates in 2023:

  • Sunday 19th March (Mother's Day)
  • Sunday 23rd April (St George's Day)
  • Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May (National Mills Weekend)
  • Sunday 28th May
  • Monday 29th May (Spring Bank Holiday)
  • Sunday 18th June (Father's Day)
  • Sunday 23rd July
  • Sunday 27th August
  • Monday 28th August (Summer Bank holiday)
  • Sunday 17th September
  • Sunday 15th October

14th September 2022


Out of respect for the passing of Her Majesty the late Queen Elizabeth, Argos Hill Windmill will not be opening to the public on Sunday 18th September 2022.

The trustees and volunteers wish to send their deepest condolences to the royal family at this sad time.

19th February 2022

Open days for 2022 announced!

The mill will be open from 2pm - 5pm on the following dates in 2022:

  • Sunday 27th March
  • Monday 18th April (Easter Monday)
  • Sunday 8th May (National Mills Day)
  • Sunday 5th June
  • Sunday 3rd July
  • Sunday 31st July
  • Sunday 28th August
  • Monday 29th August (Bank holiday)
  • Sunday 18th September (Heritage Open Day) [CANCELLED]
  • Sunday 16th October

19th October 2021

A historic event took place at Argos Hill windmill on 19th October 2021: the Peak stones were turned by wind power for the first time in over 90 years!

This amazing achievement is a testament to the determination of the fantastic group of volunteers who have been working to restore the mill since 2011.

A short video of the stones turning can be seen here.

15th November 2020

A booklet on Argos Hill Windmill is now available for sale via our website:

"Argos Hill Windmill: How She Worked" describes its structure and operation in detail, the restoration process and some more general information about windmills for context. It will be of particular interest to windmill enthusiasts as well as the general public with an interest in industrial history.

The author, Martin Bates, has been a volunteer contributing to the restoration of the mill for several years and is a published author of books on engineering.

60 A4 pages

Price: £10 including post & packing

Please pay via the donate button on the home page of this website and enter your postal address.

15th November 2020

A booklet on post mills in Sussex and England is now available for sale via our website:

"Windmills of Sussex & England" identifies surviving post mills in Sussex and England, plus a list of the windmills surviving in selected counties of south east England. It contains a list of 60 Sussex post mills, many of which do not exist any longer, a description of each survivor, plus 50 surviving post mills across England, with a brief description of each. The purpose is to analyse their characteristics and the frequency of occurrence of specific features such as patent, spring and common sails. For comparison, the equivalent features of smock and tower mills are outlined. The booklet will be of particular interest to readers requiring detailed information on the technical features of surviving and lost post mills.

The author, Martin Bates, has been a volunteer contributing to the restoration of the mill for several years and is a published author of books on engineering.

40 A4 pages

Price: £8 including post & packing

Please pay via the donate button on the home page of this website and enter your postal address.

10th April 2020

With the restoration worked paused due to the Covid-19 restrictions, now is a good time to reflect on the recent progress that has been made by our brilliant team of volunteers:

  • All 112 cogs in the brake-wheel have been replaced
  • The cogs in the sack hoist gear have been replaced
  • The main bearing in the breast stones has been serviced
  • The tentering gear has been serviced
  • The governor has been refurbished
  • The stone vat has been repaired
  • New pulley blocks have been fitted for the shoe control cord
  • The dresser and smutter have been repaired

Significant steps towards our goal of being able to grind flour at the mill!

The main bearing of the breast stones being serviced
The stones

19th March 2020

*** Due to the unprecedented Covid-19 threat and current Government advice, Argos Hill Windmill will not be opened to the public until further notice ***

8th March 2020

The iron strakes have been fitted to the new fantail carriage wheels.

The strakes being fitted

10th February 2020

Open days for 2020 announced!

The mill will be open from 2pm - 5pm on the following dates in 2020:

  • Sunday 15th March
  • Monday 13th April (Easter Monday)
  • Saturday 9th May (National Mills Weekend)
  • Sunday 10th May (National Mills Weekend)
  • Monday 25th May (Bank holiday)
  • Sunday 14th June
  • Sunday 12th July
  • Sunday 9th August
  • Monday 31st August (Bank holiday)
  • Sunday 13th September (Heritage Open Days)
  • Sunday 20th September (Heritage Open Days)
  • Sunday 18th October

16th January 2020

The new cartwheels are really coming together now...


3rd January 2020

Great progress is being made with the new cartwheels for the fantail carriage! The wheels are being carefully crafted by a master wheelwright to the original design.


19th April 2019 Argos Hill Windmill was featured in the April edition of the INDEX Magazine.

INDEX magazine article

Click here to see the full article.

13th March 2019 The Friends of Argos Hill Windmill

On Sunday 10th March the Friends celebrated their first open afternoon of the year welcoming more than 60 visitors to the mill. John Bowerman, Chair of the Friends, marked the occasion with the presentation of a cheque for £4,500 to Geoff Daughtrey of Argos Hill Windmill Trust Limited.

Cheque presentation

The Friends were formed some twenty years ago with the aim of ensuring the preservation of the windmill for future generations. Brian Pike and Jim Pointer were two of the original founders and they continue today to take an active role in the Friends and the restoration. They, together with the Members, the Trustees and Volunteers can be justly proud of all that has been achieved.

Phases 1 and 2 of the restoration were completed in 2016 when the sails were turned by the wind for the first time in 80 years. Phase 3, the construction of the tail pole and fantail carriage was completed in 2018. This year, we are well underway with the renovation of the mill’s internal machinery. So perhaps with a fair wind in 2019 we may see the sails not only turning in the wind but driving a set of millstones to produce flour!

Without the financial support of the Friends and the local community none of this would have been possible. Subscriptions, donations and various fund raising initiatives were key to the Trust unlocking major awards from the Heritage Lottery Fund and other grant making bodies. Over £350,000 has been raised and expended on the restoration to date. But it does not stop there if we are going to preserve for future generations what we have fought so hard to achieve. Maintenance costs alone are estimated to be at least £5,000 per year and that is before tackling the encroachment of the hedges which threaten to damage and obscure the mill from view or the re-instatement of the turning circle.

In order to meet these challenges, the Friends committee at its AGM on 5th April will propose a restructure of the society under the umbrella of Argos Hill Windmill Trust and existing Friends will be invited to become patrons of the Trust with an individual representative on the board. It will also be an evening of celebration to recognise the significant contributions and donations that the Friends have made over the past 20 years. We would love to see many new Friends/Patrons at our AGM, indeed anyone interested in preserving our local heritage and who would like to help in this most worthwhile project.

I look forward to welcoming you all to our AGM which will be held in the Scout and Guide Headquarters, (adjacent to Mayfield Memorial Hall) on 5th April at 7.30 for 8.00 pm. In the meantime do please come and say hello on 31st March when the mill is next open.

John Bowerman - Chair of the Friends

8th January 2019


Saturday 16th February 2019. 7:00pm for 7:30pm. Mayfield Memorial Hall.

Bring your own food and drink. Tickets £6 - available from Burnett's (Mayfield), Courtyard Cafe (Rotherfield) or 01892 852955.

26th September 2018

A new access ladder has been installed on the fantail carriage. This is a replica of an original feature which has been missing since the 1940s!

Fantail ladder

10th September 2018

Many thanks to Waitrose in Heathfield for their kind donation of £159 from the "Community Matters" green token scheme! The photo below shows the presentation of the cheque to the chairman of the Friends of Argos Hill Windmill, John Bowerman...

Waitrose cheque presentation

14th August 2018

The fantail installation is progressing well...


26th June 2018

Congratulations to the team - the fantail carriage is now in situ!

Fantail carriage

10th June 2018 Martin Bates and David Stiff fitting a new cog into the brakewheel...

David and Martin fitting a cog
10th June 2018

The windmill will open next on Sunday 17th June (Father's Day) and then twice in July, Sunday 8th and Sunday 22nd from 2 – 5 pm. Parking is available close by. It is also a pleasant walk or bike ride from both Mayfield and Rotherfield. Alternatively buses 251 and 252 stop at the Bicycle Arms road/ junction with the A 267, then a short walk up the footpath slope comes out very near the windmill.

Refreshments are available in the roundhouse where there is also a little museum of mill artefacts together with the story of the restoration. There are windmill experts on hand to act as guides for the mill visit. Children are able to mill corn themselves or with help using the quern then take a small bag of their flour home. There is no entry charge but donations are always welcome.

Further Open days are planned this year on Sunday 12th August, 8th and 9th September (Heritage Weekend) and Sunday 14th October.

22nd February 2018

Our next open days will be on Sunday 11th March and Monday 2nd April from 2pm - 5pm. Free entry!

31st January 2018


Scout Hall Mayfield 7.30 for 8 pm.

Please come and enjoy a glass or two of wine and some nibbles.

21st November 2017 Millstones turned by wind for the first time in over eighty years!

On Tuesday 21st November 2017, one set of stones (the French Burr tail-stones) were connected up and run by wind for the first time in over eighty years. For this test, the runner stone was lifted well clear of the bed stone. The stones ran smoothly, with no issues encountered.

Our next task before being able to grind flour will be to renovate and test the tentering gear...

26th October 2017 Argos Hill windmill was featured in a BBC News article today:

Photo from BBC article
25th October 2017 Argos Hill Windmill is featured on the front cover of Historic England’s 2017 “Heritage at Risk” Leaflet for the South East region (recognising that the mill has been removed from the register this year):

Heritage at Risk Leaflet 2017

Wednesday 26th October, the Wednesday of half term, is your last opportunity to visit the windmill this year. It will be open from 2-5, and parking nearby will be indicated. There will be a series of Open Days next year and we hope to be able to send out some information about this and other matters towards the end of the year.

We would like to thank those who have visited this year, and look forward to welcoming you again, and others on their first visit. We have guide volunteers to show you around the mill. There is a small collection of artefacts plus information in the roundhouse, and quern for the children to mill flour themselves before returning home to do some baking. Homemade cakes and hot and cold drinks are available too. The visits are free, though there are a few donation boxes around.

16th September 2017 Promoting the mill at Mayfield Carnival on Saturday 16th September...

Mayfield Carnival 2017

Our next open day is WEDNESDAY AUGUST 9th, open from 2 - 5 pm. Do come and visit one of the most interesting buildings in the area and enjoy the wonderful views from the highest point of the High Weald. There is car parking available close by but why not try one of the lovely walks from Mayfield and Rotherfield to Argos Hill. Hot and cold drinks and homemade cakes are available plus of course a guided tour with our experts.

Looking ahead to the Mayfield and Rotherfield Carnivals in September we are planning walking groups behind our new banner and would welcome anyone who would like to support us with this.

Further open days are Saturday and Sunday, SEPTEMBER 9th and 10th and Sunday October 25th, from 2 - 5 pm.

Jenny Beaupain - 011892 853161

Committee of the Friends of Argos Hill Windmill

29th June 2017 Our new sack slide has been completed. This feature has been re-instated after an absense of at least 70 years.

Sack slide
28th June 2017 Phase 3 of the restoration project is progressing well. Here is a photo of the new fantail spokes being painted...

Fantail spokes
7th April 2017 Many thanks to Ken Hammant for the very kind donation of freshly-sawn apple wood. We will let the wood season before cutting and shaping into new cogs!
Apple wood
8th March 2017 Argos Hill Windmill Trust are extremely grateful to the Friends of Argos Hill Windmill for their marvellous donation of £8,000. A huge amount of time and hard work has gone into raising this money through local fundraising initiatives. We are truly grateful for the wonderful support of the friends.
Presentation of the cheque from Jenny Beaupain to Geoff Daughtrey
24th February 2017 Argos Hill Windmill Open Days for 2017

We are delighted to announce the days in which the Mill will open to the public this year.

We will open from 2 pm - 5pm on the following days and will endeavour to provide tea and cake too!

  • Sunday 12th March
  • Monday 17th April (Bank Holiday Monday)
  • Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May (National Mills Weekend)
  • Friday 2nd June
  • Sunday 16th July
  • Wednesday 9th August
  • Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September (Heritage Open Weekend)
  • Wednesday 25th October
24th February 2017 The Friends of Argos Hill Windmill AGM and Dutch Supper Celebration.

We are holding our AGM at the Mayfield Scout Hall on Tuesday 11th April at 7.30 pm for an 8 pm start.

After the formal proceedings we will sit down to share a ‘Dutch Supper’ of light bites. We invite you to each bring a plate of food to share with the other guests.

Jane Driscoll (01435 872700)

22nd November 2016 The sweeps were turned by wind today - for the first time in over 80 years! There is a video here.

9th October 2016 We will be holding an open day at the mill on Sunday 23rd October from 14:00 - 17:00. Hope to see you there!

9th October 2016 A film of the restoration of Argos Hill Windmill will be shown on Sunday 6th November at 2pm in the Mayfield Memorial Hall. Free admission. Hope you can make it!

Restoration film poster

7th September 2016 Our virtual tour of the mill is now live - please click here to access the tour!

4th September 2016 Argos Hill Windmill Grand Opening Celebration

Sunday 4th September 2016 was a significant milestone in the history of Argos Hill Windmill when the restored mill, decorated with bunting, was revealed in all its glory to over 160 of our principal supporters.

The grand opening was held to celebrate the completion of phases one and two of the restoration project and to announce the commencement of phase three.

Ellie Crisell, a presenter from BBC South East Today, cut the ribbon and formally declared the mill “open for business”, alongside Nus Ghani MP and Huw Merriman MP. The Chairman of Wealden District Council, Chris Hardy, gave an award to the following volunteers for their outstanding contribution to the community:

  • Martin Bates
  • Alain Beaupain
  • Christopher Bottomley
  • John Bowerman
  • Geoffrey Daughtrey
  • Peter Eyres
  • Philip Hicks
  • Richard Howes
  • Peter Merry
  • John Moat
  • Brian Pike
  • Jim Pointer
  • David Stiff
  • Grand opening

    Grand opening

    Grand opening

    Grand opening

    30th August 2016 Another great working session at the mill today, painting the roundhouse walls.

    Group photo

    15th July 2016 The newly-restored mill basking in the sun today...



    14th July 2016 Last night's BBC South East report on Argos Hill windmill is available for replay here:

    13th July 2016 A truly momentous day as the new sweeps are installed...



    12th July 2016 The shutters have been installed into the sweeps.

    28th June 2016 The new tailpole has been man-handled into position.



    27th June 2016 The scaffolding has now been completely removed. We have re-instated all of the original windows and hatches that were lost in previous restorations...

    Scaffolding removed

    Scaffolding removed
    24th June 2016 After 11 long years hidden under scaffolding and protective sheeting, Argos Hill windmill is visible once again...


    18th June 2016 The new steps have been fitted to the mill...

    18th June 2016 We are incredibly grateful to Gatwick Airport Community Trust for their £1,000 grant towards our new tailpole!

    3rd May 2016 The new steps being assembled...

    3rd May 2016 Jim Pointer painting one of the new windows...

    23rd March 2016 Painting volunteers needed!

    We need help in painting the weatherboarding on the outside of the mill. The sanding and preparation has already been done and we need volunteers who don’t mind climbing ladders up to the scaffolding and planked walk ways, from which we will paint. The scaffolding is covered with strong sheeting so you would be protected from the weather. Please ring Jenny Beaupain on 01892 853161 if you are game to participate. We will meet every Tuesday.

    6th February 2016

    Fundraising event poster
    2nd February 2016

    A huge thanks to everyone who supported the fundraising quiz night on 30th January. We are delighted to announce that this event raised £1,077 towards the windmill restoration fund!

    4th January 2016

    Please support our fundraising quiz night on 30th January:

    Quiz poster

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